Knights Knation Mississippi is home to 31 baseball teams in Madison, Mississippi. The Central Mississippi teams train out of Southern Performance Institute in Madison. With a dedicated coaching and support staff, Knights Knation Mississippi is focused on player development both on and off the diamond.


Founded in 2007.
16+ Years of Building an Unrivaled Network.


  • Main Focus of the program
  • Personal involvemnet with each player’s development
  • Outside instrutors who are experts in various fields of sports
  • Coaches focused on individual player development rather than solely on winning


During our second season of 2008, a single phrase ended with a message to our players, parents, and coaches. It simply read “Knights 4 life.” Since the initial message, 4L became a deeper meaning than a closing comment to a message. 4L became our mission. 4L became a rallying cry for our program, and 4L became our focus. The wins and losses over the years forged this mission, but our relationship amongst our players, coaches, and parents cemented this idea from a simple phrase to a mindset. Any athlete with a goal to achieve learns that a mindset elevates their performance or pulls them down. 4L means every player, parent, and coach pulls, works, and strives for the success of the knights. 4L means every player, parent, and coach supports each other as the game of baseball humbles the best. 4L means every player, parent, and coach wants to beat their best for this program on and off of the field. 4L means we carry ourselves with pride, appreciation, and dedication to the knights. 4L means this organization impacts more than an individual, and we all make this organization to create success and influence in this game. More importantly, 4L means we focus on creating success and influence in the game of life for every one of our players.


Integrity from the top down

Knights Knation has an extensive vetting process prior to bringing in new personnel to ensure all personnelfits with the level of character that Knights Knation demands.


Our coaching staff has hundreds of years of experience on the diamond. Our coaches are a mix of current high school and college coaches, current and former college/professional players, and current and former professional scouts. coaches on our staff.


Our teams play in national, regional, and local events throughout the summer and fall seasons. We frequent Perfect Game, 2D Sports, PBR, and Prospect Select Events among others. We play the best competition there is and have access to exclusive events such as the Marucci World Series and Diamond Allegiance Tournaments.


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